Parties, bus parties, friends, lots of outfits, laughs, mouthwatering food huts and great music. That sums up that weekend pretty well. 
First of all, I had a chance to take some photos of my friends.
Out of two couples, one has some really cool vlogs, videos which you can see obviously if you will check out their instagram mentioned above. Two lovely couples, shooting at the sunsets. Here are some photo bombs from Untold- I have so many pictures from there that I haven’t even gone through. I had the best time here, it was so nice to hang out with friends, watch other marvellous people and performances.

I hope you will like these pictures as much as I am. They’re sharing the real festival feeling and mood.

RAD COUPLES INSTAGRAM PAGES  : AlexMadalina  ,  Eszter , Huni
MERCADON VLOGS :  https://www.youtube.com/user/pepyttaaa

More info about the Festival : Untold Festival is the largest annual electronic music festival held in Romania, taking place in Cluj-Napoca at Central Park, with the main stage at Cluj Arena. Untold has been designated Best Major Festival within European Festival Awards 2015. Guests include a vast range of European countries, as well as Asia and North America

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